One lamp, one life

Rayee Perfection Profession LED table lamp

Top class alloy aluminum material; Large surface light mount; Integration lamp body design; Smart control panel; Stepless linear dimming.

Top class alloy aluminum material

The lamp is made of customized alloy aluminum AL5052, which has strong radiating; the stress, tension, ductility are superior to the ordinary aluminum; the excellent quality will accompany you lifetime.

Large surface light mount

340X54mm super light emitting surface; side emitting principle makes the eyes not look directly into the light source, and then creating a unique lighting environment.

Integration lamp body design

The lamp is integrated molding, artistic technology, which bring people ultimate experience.

Smart control panel

UV printing+touch control, tactile and convenient operation.

Stepless linear dimming

The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted based on the demand, natural and comfortable change can fit your life perfectly.

Human intelligent control

Rayee provides 8 setting buttons, with 3 default modes as reading, leisure, sleeping. In reading mode, the light will change to leisure mode after 45 minutes, in which way can remind people to have a rest; these modes can be DIY based on different habit, and can be stored as your favorite mode; Rayee can protect your eyes exclusively healthy and satisfy your needs perfectly.


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